We provide IT services and cybersecurity across America.

T3CHNOLOGY provides Managed IT Services and Managed Cybersecurity Services since 2004. Keeping your business IT hardware maintained, operational and secure has been our priority since we started in 2004. Our company strives to exceed your expectations, provide 100% transparency in everything we do with a focus on trust.


We understand the importance of your business being operational. We make it a priority to keep your servers, computers, tablets and other equipment and hardware operational 24/7 while also maintaining a high level of cybersecurity so that your company data, client data and employee data is secure and protected from malicious actors both internally and externally.

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Protecting your business from bad actors is our business and we take pride in our work.

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Managed IT Services

No more hourly billing. We fix problems before they become issues.

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IT Support

We provide help desk support to keeping your software up-to-date.

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VoIP Phone Service

Stop overpaying the phone company. Join the VoIP revolution today and SAVE MONEY.

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Gone are the days of paying hourly for IT work. You don't know if the issue will take 20 seconds or 14 hours to resolve. Nobody wants to be charged an unknown amount to remedy their technology issue. We do not charge you hourly - we focus on a monthly service offering that consists of help desk support, server support, computer support, networking support, VoIP service and cybersecurity services just to name a few of our offerings. We believe in providing you with a well-rounded service offering so that your business runs optimally and securely.
Many businesses face difficult times trying to stay compliant with their industries rules and regulations to maintain a good cybersecurity posture. Providing businesses with the services, solutions and expert knowledge to to keep them secure and compliant with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, CMMC, NIST and all of the other compliance requirements out there is what we do bes
Great question! Huh? It's easy. We're incredible at what we do. We LOVE what we do. We take PRIDE in what we do and we try to always excel at what we do. Learning the latest trends, staying educated and certified, these are all things a good technology company should strive for to deliver a great experience for you - our awesome client.
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Robert G.


T3CHNOLOGY has been great to work with. We've worked together since around 2014 on many projects and they handle all of our technology and cybersecurity needs. They are always answer the phones and they continue to impress my staff daily.

4.5 rating based on 1,234 ratings

Norry L.


They have been great to us. Fast to respond, always answer the phone and emails, they are smart, trustworthy and Shawn has done a great job making sure his staff understands my companies needs and makes it a priority to tackle issues quickly during office hours

4.5 rating based on 1,234 ratings

Joel G.

Medical Office

We love working with T3CHNOLOGY. They keep us compliant, handle everything we throw at them and make sure our practice operates smoothly. We see thousands of clients a month and our computer systems are very important to our success and they (T3CHNOLOGY) keep us going.

5.0 rating based on 1,234 ratings